Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

So you've found the one. Congratulations! What kind of engagement ring will you get? We can help you find the perfect engagement ring to express your love and commitment.

The first thing you need to determine is her personal style. Is she active and always on the go? A diamond ring with the diamond set closer to her finger would be the smart choice. Keep in mind when you're looking at diamond engagement rings that she'll be wearing it for the rest of her life!

Engagement Rings come in many different styles and settings. You'll find stunning solitaire rings and engagement rings with multiple diamonds for timeless brilliance. Available in settings of platinum, 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold, 10K white gold or 10K yellow gold.

The shape of a diamond is important too. The classic choice is round, but many different shapes have been gaining popularity over the last 10 years. Take a look below at the shapes Kay Jewelers offers:

  • Round Brilliant-cut diamond engagement rings are the most popular choice. The round brilliant cut has been developed over the last hundred years. This cut best features a diamond's fire, sparkle and brilliance.
  • Princess-cut diamond engagement rings are gaining in popularity and offer a more contemporary look.
  • Marquise diamond engagement rings are especially flattering for women with slender fingers.
  • Heart-shaped diamond engagement rings are a truly romantic and unique choice. Nothing says "Love" like a heart!
  • Emerald-cut diamond engagement rings are excellent for women whose tastes run more to the classic.
  • Teardrop (or Pear-Shaped) diamond engagement rings offer a unique way to express the love you share. An eye-catching style sure to get noticed!
  • Oval-shaped diamond engagement rings have an original beauty and are preferred for women who want to break with tradition.

If you're trying to make the engagement a surprise, just go on a "shopping trip" to Kay Jewelers -- don't make it the focal point of the trip, just say you're thinking about getting a new watch. While you're looking at watches, she will be looking at diamond rings and you'll be sure to hear, "Honey, look at this ring!"

Again, Congratulations and best wishes on your quest for the perfect engagement ring!


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